Website Features and Benefits

Core Features of DigiPaaS

DigiPaaS is the platform on which all DigiPro Media websites are built.

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Every website comes with a suite of advanced tools to improve operational efficiency.

Marketing and Ecommerce packages come with even more features to grow your business.

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Content Management System

At the core of the DigiPaaS platform is the CMS. Easily add, edit and manage all of your website content from one central location. Create 10 or 10,000 unique pages using the visual builder. Or if you're a coder you can go full custom with access to HTML, CSS and dynamic content. The possibilities are limitless.

Custom user roles
Manage who can and can't add, edit or approve content

SEO friendly
Easily add title tags, urls, alt tags on images, and internal linking

Resource file manager
Save and manage files, images, video, audio

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Visual Page Builder

Building a custom web page has never been easier. Using the visual builder, drag in pre-designed blocks of the most common types of content - headers, footers, page titles, services, icon lists, call to action and more.
Easily build pages they way you want

Change colors, backgrounds, font size and more

Mobile first
Built to automatically resize and look good on mobile

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Blog Posting

Everyone has a story to tell. What is your company saying? Publishing articles from within DigiPaaS makes it easy to add fresh and relevant content to your website. This improves user engagement as well as SEO. 

Increased Relevance
Create unique content articles to impress your customers and increase SEO

Reader Engagement
Comments can be turned on or off as well as moderated for appropriate content

Self Publish
Publishing made easy - no programming skills needed

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Image Galleries

Pictures tell stories that words can't convey. Use the image gallery to showcase an event, the inside of your store, or products and show your customers what they want to know.

Simple Upload
Add 1 or 100 images at a time

Use image tags to improve accessiblilty and SEO

Give the picture some context to the viewer.

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Event Calendar

If you're a company or organization that has lots of events, make it simple for viewers to see what you have coming up by adding a calendar page. Turn your blog posts into events with the click of a button. Even add promotion codes that have specific expiration dates. 

One-click publishing
Turn blog posts into events with one click

Recurring events
Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Promo codes
Promo codes encourage customers to act

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Web Forms

Create custom online forms from scratch via simple drag-and-drop functionality to collect the user information you require. Form responses can be sent to multiple company contacts as well as stored on DigiPaaS. The form creator also offers features such as optional or required fields, dynamic page breaks for better user experience, password fields, and conditional fields.
Single or multiple notification emails when submitted

Personalized success
Customize a message when users submit a form

Keep users engaged, break up long forms into sections

Eliminate fake bots with Captcha validation

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Customer Reviews

Allow customers who have visited the business to give direct feedback or 1 to 5 star ratings on the website. It is an ideal tool to receive authentic customer feedback about the business or its products and services. All comments can be monitored directly in DigiPaaS and moderated for public view. 

So easy, users can't but help add a review

Add to any page or product

Get notified
Automatic notification when new review is submitted

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Trip Advisor Ratings

DigiPro Media is an authenticated provider for TripAdvisor integration. Businesses that have a TripAdvisor profile can easily pull in ratings, reviews and link to your profile.

Add reviews and ratings to any page

Easy set up
Just add your Trip Advisor ID

3rd party reputation management 

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ADA Accessibility

Our website themes are built by accessibility experts so they are inclusive to all users including those with disabilities. All sections of a web page include page settings that, when filled out, help users with assistive technologies. The benefits are worth the extra work.

We triple check for accessibility

Built-in scan tool
Check your work for errors before publishing it

Content settings
Add image, link, and title tags

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Fully Supported

DigiPro Media is a full-service web development company. We'll do the work so you don't have to. But if you're more of a do-it-yourself person, all of our web publishing tools are fully documented and updated. We even have built-in walk through tutorials for each section of DigiPaaS. 

Accrue support hours
Every customer gets a minimum of 2 hours of support help per month

Ticketing system
Request a change and track it until completion

Step-by-step instructions embedded in DigiPaaS

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